Current Projects

  •  FILM

– Feature Films:

As part of my MA in Scriptwriting at the University of South Wales in Cardiff, I wrote a full-length screenplay for a science fiction film called “The Feeling Bug”. I am redrafting it.


Currently, I am collaborating with Aarón Romera, “El Inquilino Guionista”, on his web series “La cama de piedra”. An anthology series about conjugal visits in jail.


Before becoming an aspiring screenwriter, I used to be a journalist (film reviewer). I’ve been collaborating on a magazine that my classmates and I founded nearly four years ago. If you like comic books, science-fiction films, videogames, cosplay, anime and manga, please feel free to visit our website: El Vortex 

This is a review I wrote about the biopic “Jobs”: Think Different

In 2016, I wrote a review for ‘Alan x el mundo’, a blog for young travelers. My tour guide for visiting Cardiff was published here (it’s in Spanish): Living in Wales