• JAKKS PACIFIC MEXICO (Social media)

For nearly nine months, I worked as a graphic designer and video editor at LolaPro where I was in charge of Jakks Pacific Mexico’s account. Basically, my activities consisted of coming up with new ideas and designs for the daily posts on Facebook, Instagram and weekly videos on Youtube.


  • PERFILES (dramedy series)

In 2014, I participated in a TV screenwriting competition, organized by two important Mexican organisations: IMCINE (Mexican Film Institute) and CONACULTA (National Council for Culture and Arts) where my script was one of only 25 nationwide that was shortlisted. I had the opportunity to attend a six month workshop where I met people within the industry and screenwriters from other parts of the world. My screenplay was successful in progressing to the semi-finals.

Here is the link of the first seven pages of the script:Profiles_pilot


Currently, I am collaborating with two former MA Scriptwriting students on the production of their web series ‘Flat 666’. Here is the link of one of the tags I’ve written: Shopaholic Tag_First three pages

  • NANABI (Children animated series)

In 2012, I wrote a screenplay for a childrenʼs animated series called Nanabi, which was selected to participate in the MIPCOM in Cannes. Also, it won the Best Animated Short Film Award at the Festival Internacional de Cine y Video Verde de Venezuela. The protagonist of this series is a traditional Mazahua toy who lives in the countryside. In every episode, she learns values about nature and family.

  • LA DOÑA (drama mini series)

I wrote an adaptation treatment to TV of the untold life of Maria Felix, ‘La Doña’, a famous Mexican actress. This is the synopsis of the whole miniseries:

Maria de los Angeles Felix is born on April 8th, 1914 in Los Alamos, Sonora (Mexico) into a wealthy family. From a very early age she becomes very close to her brother Pablo with whom she shares her passion for horses. Because they are having an incestuous relationship, their parents send Pablo to a military school where he eventually commits suicide because he couldn’t stand the high demands of the school and because he missed Maria so much.
In the 1930’s, Maria moves with her family to Guadalajara where she meets Enrique Alvarez, a salesman. Since her relationship with her parents is not good due to Pablo’s death, she sees marriage as a way out. She marries Enrique in 1931 and gives birth to their only child three years later. They get divorced in 1938 because Maria finds out he has been cheating on her. Nonetheless, he keeps custody of their child since Maria doesn’t have a job or the support of her family to raise her son.
As her life is falling apart, Maria decides to leave Guadalajara to begin a new life in Mexico City, far away from her family. There, she gets a job as a receptionist in a plastic surgeon office. One afternoon, she runs into producer Fernando Palacios who asks her if she is interested in making movies. She says yes.


  • BREAKING THE ICE (comedy short film)

This short script was shortlisted for It’s My Shout Productions (BBC Wales).It is based in Wales and it’s about a young student that falls in love with his flatmate: Breaking the Ice_Short Script_


I worked as production coordinator in this feature film. “El Secreto Forresbank” was selected in Hollywood Film Festival last year.

  • THE BEDTIME STORY (horror short film)

I collaborated with an undergraduate Media Production student on an animated horror short film for his final major project.

Here is the link of the script: Bedtime Story_final draft



For three months, I worked as assistant director for the play “Mi prima la mexicana”, written by the Spanish playwright Aarón Romera (El Inquilino Guionista). This play premiered in July 2018