I love telling stories. I studied communication science at UNAM, a top university in Mexico. In 2016, I completed a master’s degree in the UK in scriptwriting at the University of South Wales in Cardiff. Last year, I participated in a short scripts competition for It’s My Shout Productions about stories that show how Welsh life is like, and was shortlisted. I was the only non-Welsh person in the semi-finals. My biggest dream is writing scripts for film and television. I sort of worship Lena Dunham, the showrunner of “Girls”, the TV series.

Apart from writing, I love photography.  It has been one of my hobbies since senior year of university.  While studying in Wales, I worked as a nightclub photographer and interned as a still photographer at BBC Wales. Working in those two places helped me to meet very interesting people with unique life stories and I could develop social, creativity, working under pressure and team working skills.

Another passion that I have is travelling. I love learning about other cultures and learning languages. I speak Spanish, English and French. One of my biggest dreams is visiting Japan and New York because I am a huge fan of Woody Allen and Miyazaki’s work.

In this blog, you will find some of my recent work as well as experiences I have had while working as a freelancer in Mexico.



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