Private accommodation vs Student halls in Cardiff

*Everything is based on my personal experience.


  • Pros: It’s cheaper, your flatmates are like your family because you share food, organise gatherings over the weekends and go out together A LOT. Also, you don’t pay an extra fee for doing your laundry and your landlord is like your father (whenever there’s a problem, he comes to your rescue).
  • Cons: sometimes the Internet is very slow, you share the toilet and the shower – which is really small – and you live far from the city centre.


  • Pros: The facilities are amazing and it’s pretty safe. They have security cameras EVERYWHERE and there’s always a guard on reception; they also organise parties and gatherings but these are more impersonal since they invite all their residents. However, you’re allowed to throw social meetings at your flat if you want. Also, the toilet and shower are not shared because you have your own, and if there’s a problem with the fridge, the bathroom or whatever, they have a maintenance guy that literally can fix anything. Likewise, you live near downtown which is AWESOME because you just have to walk a few steps to go to the cinema or to Queen Street, the main avenue of this Welsh city.
  • Cons: it’s TOO expensive; you pay an extra fee for doing your laundry and they charge you more money over the summer per week.

In conclusion, both are excellent places to live. Although I’ve been living in a private accommodation for just a month, I’m loving it much more than where I used to live because I feel like I’m being part of a family.  Moreover, there’s a theatre and a cheap supermarket just around the corner, so I don’t need to go to downtown to do my shopping anymore 🙂

I hope this was helpful!

Good luck everyone on finding a place to stay for this coming academic year!



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