Studying abroad in Wales


A couple of weeks ago, I made a list of all the things I miss of Mexico and what has been new for me, as a Mexican living in Wales. I hope you enjoy it.

What I miss of Mexico so far:

– The food (I’m dying for eating tacos or pozole again)
– The cheap cost of our transportation (I paid 6.80 pounds from Cardiff Central to Treforest train station)
– You can’t find food anywhere after certain time. There are no taco stands (obviously), and no people selling corn with chilli on the streets. Besides ,the Tesco stores are not 24 hours like in our country. What you can find is Indian food in food trucks, but they close early. After 6 pm, you will hardly find an open store/restaurant.

-You have to pay for bags in the supermarket (5 p each one)

– Fast-food restaurants don’t provide you ketshup or napkins 😦

– Speak in Spanish.

What is new:

– To hear different languages. Everyone speaks English and in second place, Welsh. I know a word “croeso” which means “welcome”. Also, there are lots of people from India, the middle east, China, Czech Republic and Germany. It’s hard to find someone from Latin America.
– Their steering wheels are on the other side.
– Dragons, dragons everywhere.
– You can enter any store with your backpack. They don’t ask you to put it inside a locker.
– They charge you if you don’t pay to watch live television. The options are BBC iPlayer, Amazon or Netflix.
– They are crazy about rugby.
– Curry is like their second national food. The first one is fish and chips.
– They have self-service machines in their stores.

-Last but not less important: to live near a bay! (In Mexico City we don’t have any).”


In conclusion, do I recommend to study in Cardiff? It is kind of early to give an opinion because I’ve been here for only a month but as I said, it has been a great experience. Cardiff is a safe and peaceful city and a different world – regarding weather, food, culture, history and language – for any person from Latin America, like me.

I know I’m going to miss this place when I leave.


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